the discovery of Eilat Belly Dance Festival 2009.

Stefania was chosen to represent Israel at the Berlin Belly dance Festival.

Belly dancer for private events, weddings, single parties, baby showers, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvah, hennas, "mimuna" and more. Stefania dances classic and popular belly dance, combined with dance stiles from all around the world: Africa, India, South America and more.

Stefania was trained by the best belly dance teachers in Israel and took workshops by known dancers from all around the world.

Stefania performs and teaches belly dance for 12 years.

In her resume you can find performances on television (the Israeli music channel, the Israeli kids channel, the German channel, the Macy Gray Documentary), and performances in special events (the vice president's wedding, Rita's birthday party, Miki Strauss's birthday arty – Strauss Company and more).

Stefania is a belly dancer that speaks through her body in a universal dance language, free and charming in her show and enchants the crowds' heart.  Her personal belly dance, connected deeply to the eastern roots, goes out from her belly and develops to a unique stile that reaches to new places.  With her love and openness to a wide range of music types, she renews herself continuously and always aims to surprise and excite. Her independent thinking has leaded her to a unique dance stile, within it she uses original outfits and accessories she designed and made by herself.

"The eastern fire dance" combines live fire in a flowing movement, is an example of the innovation she brings to the classic belly dance.

Every Sunday night you can see Stefania dances at the "Nanuchka" bar in Tel Aviv.  There she performs during two years, to a variety of people from Israel and the world, in a night full of oriental music with DJ Sammy.  The special magic and atmosphere in the place allows Stefania to express herself freely, accompanied by any music, give a stage to colleagues or beginners, and also join the crowd in her personal world.

Stefania performs in festive events, weddings, single parties, private parties, parties for workers committees, birthdays and women nights.  She also teaches belly dance at Hollon, gives private lessons, beginners and advanced classes for all ages.