Welcome to the home page of the belly dancer Stefania, the discovery of Eilat Belly Dance Festival 2009. 

Stefania was chosen to represent Israel at the Berlin Belly dance Festival, in the "Miss Belly Dance of Europe" Competition.


To invite a belly dancer to private events and parties has become trendy these days.  You may invite a belly dancer for private events, weddings, singles parties, baby showers, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvah and more.  Stefania gives a thrilling show and turns every party to an extraordinary event.  Stefania dances classic and popular belly dance, combined with dance stiles from all around the world.

The belly dancer Stefania shows an artistic and emotional dance and will give the crowd a feeling of release by forgetting all about their shyness.

The experience will be amazing. 

Please browse the site and have a lovely event!